About ISF

Who We Are

Established in 1993, ISF is a faith-based non-profit organization that seeks to change the world through sports. The universal attraction of sports encourages a connection among people. Through that connection, our volunteers are able to share their faith and reach out to people in other cultures.

ISF has developed an international and national network for sports missions with more than 750 missionaries around the world. We work with Christian individuals and organizations to fulfill God’s call to take the Gospel to all the nations.

Our Staff

Founder and CEO, Cheryl L. Wolfinger, DEdMin

In 1993, Cheryl was challenged with the idea of developing an organization that would champion the cause of missionaries in need of sports related volunteers.  Since ISF began on June 4, 1993, there have been more than 8,900 volunteers mobilized and an amazing $6.9 million dollars raised for the cause of sports missions.  For nearly 20 years ISF has been a leader in sports missions through Cheryl’s leadership and has had teams serving in 126 different countries.  Cheryl’s philosophy of missions is simple and straight forward.  She believes that to be effective, ISF must remain focused on project requests from missionaries and Great Commission Christians who need sports related volunteers to execute their strategies.  Cheryl also feels that it is vital for ISF to keep the process for volunteers as simple as possible while maintaining the highest level of excellence.

Director of Mobilization, Jessica Lenderman, ATC

Jessica came to ISF with a wealth of experience and wisdom in dealing with missionaries and volunteers.  After playing college basketball, Jessica served 2 years as a Journeyman in Russia where God cultivated her heart for missions.  She joined the ISF staff in the fall of 2010, and quickly excelled in her position.  Jessica deals with missions on both sides of the coin by not only dealing with missionaries as they submit their project requests but also the vast number of volunteers who seek to participate on the various ISF sports mission projects.  With extreme attention to detail, Jessica is a master at handling all the budgets, itineraries and training schedules for wide variety of ISF projects.  With the help of an associate and summer interns, Jessica insures that our volunteers have a positive and meaningful experience while meeting the needs of the requesting missionary or Great Commission Christian living abroad. That is when she is not shredding the Alps on her snowboard…oh wait, that was an ISF project so she was actually at work WHILE snowboarding!

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